Fogal Range

  • Fogal make what is perhaps the world's finest hosiery. Their tights have been praised for decades as the very best that anyone has ever tried. There are a few names out there that might be close or in teh same league, but none will ever surpass the beauty of their designs and the sheer quality of their fabrics. is here to show you the beauty that is inside every packet or box with the name Fogal on it. It is an online centre for finding images of their leg wear, a history of their brand and to learn something about the philosophy that surrounds their work.

    Simply click on any of these pictures and you'll get taken to a website that sells Fogal's products. Online shops that sell this brand are difficult to come by, as Fogal has very rarely given permission to websites or even boutiques outside of Switzerland. But just like the way they make their designs evolve, they know their strategy has to also. There are a few places online that sell their items, so click any picture and we'll take you right to them.