Fogal Ethos

  • If there is one word you had to pick to describe what makes Fogal great, it would be "quality". Their work is designed around this one concept, that quality is the only thing that truly matters. The customer always loves something of quality and to bring them a design that truly lasts means they will always come back and use your product, again and again.

    This is what Fogal owe their success to. They have created hosiery that only needs to be tried once and then the woman who wears their work knows that she'll never be able to put anything else on that compares. Fogal's tights and stockings are unique becasue of this trait. Their yarns and fabrics are so much more robust and luxurious to the touch than the materials the next best brand might use.

    This is their ethos. Fogal pursue the idea of quality very rigorously and are always looking for new ways to create more beautiful and longer lasting leg wear. This is a real challenge, as it gets twice as hard each and every time, exponentially. Each year, they have to top their own stellar efforts. But Fogal are experts at this. Their designers have been following this tradition for the ninety years that they have been around and that legacy and pride drives them to experiment with their leg wear in a way that other brands just can't do.

    The result is something quite special. Product testing on some of Fogal's work has shown it can quite feasibly last for dozens upon dozens of wear. You can own a pair of Fogal tights for several years whereas a run of the mill item from a department store might last only a few weeks. Claims like these are often met with disbelief, but that's because so many people are used to wearing items that have been made in developing countries and they've forgotten what good hosiery truly feels like. Fogal are dedicated to keeping that tradition of qualtiy alive and they are now available online for the whole world to enjoy. Fogal are now just as widely available as the items from more basic brands are.

    There is a movement in the world of consumer goods to go back to this kind of philosophy. Many people are starting to realise a lower price tage isn't always in their favour and that they often have to see their purchases break down and be replaced time and again. Fogal know this is not necessary or desirable for anyone and they are one of the world's leaders for moving back to a quality way of life, especially amongst their peers in the fashion industry.

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