The Great Gatsby

  • Recreating F Scott Fitzgerald's classic in teh form of a motion picture is a difficult task. Very few people would dare to even try because, as we all know, really good books don't translate too well to films every time. But just last year, this feat was undertaken by the people who made Moulin Rouge into a film and Romeo and Juliet too. They revived the legendary novella and turned it into a blockbuster that was packed with both style and substance.

    As for the style, it took plenty of talented people to recreate a truly crisp and true image of the 1920s on celluloid. You need fashion historians who know exactly when certain items were popular, you have to have a very experienced make up crew that balance the need for heavy stage make up with the style of the time. But one thing you absolutely have to get right is to find designers that can get your clothing just right.

    That's why the mighty Fogal were chosen to recreate the Jazz Era stylings of the day for The Great Gatsby's wardrobe department. They have been creating these kind of designs since the first time they were popular, after all!

    The choice they made turned out to be the right one. The wardrobe department, particularly the leg wear, was praised universally by every fashion editor and movie critic that saw the final movie. Stylistically, the movie is not just a faithful reproduction of the 20s. It has a modern twist also, so the designs had to be faithful to the originals with a little bit more complexity to fit the theatrical style of the film.

    Fogal set about designing these items with all of their ninety years of experience driving them to sucsess. Of course, they started with the most recognisable items of the time, the backseam. Backseams originally were present on pairs of stockings because they were cut and sown together again to give a perfect molded fit and a slender black line is what was left. But backseams were popular in the 20s because hosiery for a differnet reason. The Flapper Girls revolution had begun and women started to express their sexuality more openly. Backseams have always been perfect for highlighting the curve of your legs and drawing the eye up towards your hips. To bring that vibrant but tasteful sexuality back to the big screen, Fogal included backseams in most of their designs, usually rising out of a complex floral motif.

    Each and every design of theirs is amazingly luxurious and they look exquisite on. Because of their complexity, there's a limited number of outfits you can wear with them, but that's okay. They suit one particular outfit perfectly, formal partywear. Just like in the film itself, Fogal's leg wear is perfect for formal parties and get-togethers. If it's a ball gown or cocktail dress you'll be wearing, this kind of leg wear is ideal. This is one of the only big blockbusters Fogal have worked on, but based on all the beautiful designs that came out of it, we think they should do another one soon.

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