The history of Fogal

  • The history of Fogal is a very rich and long one. Here's a little bit of it to give you an idea of what has made them such a titan in the hosiery industry.

    In 1921, Leon Fogal, the son of a sock maker decided to bring the wonderful and luxurious goods his family had always made to the rest of Switzerland. Within just two short years, Fogal had opened a shop in Zurich, one in Basle and another in the capital of Bern. These were the very first shops dedicated to hosiery in Switzerland and they were loved by every lady in Switzerland. These outlets were the easiest way to go and get a pair of beautiful stockings without having to visit a craftsman and ask for specifics. They could simply walk in and take what they needed off the shelves.

    Fogal were incredibly innovative at the time, creating these specialist stores, but that is not where their innovation ended. They were the very first name in leg wear to offer an in store repair service. Anyone could take in a pair of stockings and have them repaired within minutes for a fraction of the cost it would take to get a brand new pair.

    In 1938, the invention of stockings made from Nylon had been debuted in some European fashion circles and it was quickly gaining popularity. Fogal are not one to shy away from change and they saw Nylon as an excellent material to make stockings that were still very soft and luxurious but with greater resilience. Fogal adopted Nylon right away and began experimenting with it to see how far they could go with this new and innovative fabric. Of course, Fogal are not a brand to just jump into something and go wild with it. They much prefer to test and try out a new concept and make sure that it is fit for their discerning customers. This is what they have always done and their Nylon products were no different.

    That dedication to getting things right is the thing that has made Fogal the brand it is today. So many designers were around during the same time that Fogal was first emerging, but so few have lasted. It is this concentration on quality that has made Fogal a respected brand.

    In 1968, Leon Fogal passed away and the brand was passed to his associate Walter Meier. By this time, Fogal had six shops in Switzerland, but over the next forty years, Walter and his son took Fogal to a new level of success. They soon became the most popular brand in Switzerland and in 1982, they launched their first international store in New York. Then came a branch in Paris, London and Tokyo, where quality fashion always has a place and remains eternally respected.

    As of 2009, Fogal has been passed from the hands of the Meier's to Philippe Gaydoul, a young Swiss entrepreneur. By the age of 28, this young visionary had taken other brands from local retailers to international success, making thm billions. He is now doing this with Fogal, leveraging the internet to create a new marketplace for their awesome products. So few places sell Fogal at the moment, but they are out there and they all benefit from the genius of Mr Gaydoul's new strategy to bring Fogal to millions more people, all over the world.

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